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The perfect BBQ setup is not complete without a trusty side table to hold all your grilling essentials. Imagine a spacious, sturdy table that can withstand the outdoor elements, with enough room to hold your condiments, utensils, and plates, keeping them within easy reach as you flip burgers and skewers. A side table for BBQ can be a game-changer, freeing up your hands to focus on the grilling task at hand, while also providing a convenient surface for food prep and plating. Look for one with built-in storage, such as shelves or a cabinet, to keep your supplies organized and out of the way. And, if you're planning a backyard bash, consider a table with a built-in cooler or wine rack to keep your drinks chilled and refreshments flowing. With a reliable side table by your side, you'll be the grill master of the neighborhood in no time!


Custom design to fit exisitng handles on the BarrelBossQ

1' x 14 3/4" side table

Powder Coated Black

BarrelBossQ Side Table