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The Ultimate Drum Smoker

This Full Load smoker will look amazing in your backyard, at the Competition or on the Showroom floor !!


The Grizzly is offered in 2  insane colors: Matte Black or Silver Vein with Lollipop Red powder coat.  Both coatings are extremely effective at helping retain temperatures and resilience against natures elements.

Every Grizzly is loaded with the Boss Access door giving you the ability to access each cooking level ! Need to add wood or more charcoal to your basket during a cook ? With the door - this is easy every time !  The double air intake stacks are extended into the heat shield for maximum air flow and 2 side handles are welded to the body of the drum, creating a robust cooking tool. 


This Grizzly Charcoal Drum Smoker is the ultimate outdoor cooking machine for backyard chefs in Canada. With its large cooking capacity, airtight seal, and adjustable vents, this smoker will help you achieve perfect low and slow barbecued meals with ease. The high grade stainless steel construction ensures you'll have your smoker for years to come. The Grizzly is your best choice if you are looking for the best Canadian charcoal drum smoker on the market.


**Pls note - Additional Charges for shipping may apply due to the fluctuating cost of courier services** Some orders will be delivered to a depot and held for pickup.

Please feel free to contact us prior to ordering to see if these additional charges will be added to your order. EMAIL US


What's in the Box?


  • 55 Gallon Smoker with Matte Black or Lollipop Red Powder Coating Finish
  • BOSS Access Door (with mounting bolts for Custom Logo Plate)
  • Choice of HOT & FAST or LOW & SLOW Diffuser Plate
  • 4 Levels of cooking
  • 1 Stainless Steel Grill Grate
  • High Capacity Charcoal Basket
  • Heat Shield
  • Swivel Castors
  • 3" Thermometer
  • BOSS Weatherproof Cover


Don't Forget to Add a Custom Logo Plate to your BOSS Access Door for only $190.00 and your Temperature Mount & Probe !!



*pls note if shipping to the USA - an import/duty fee has been added to the shipping charge.


Color Option